10 July, 2011

Rubber Ducky you're the one...

Macy and I have been busy making soap for our website www.lafaepetite.com and for our local farmers market so we haven't been around much to post lately. Today since it is Sunday we decided to do something fun. We made Rubber Ducky Soaps.

This is a very simple and older kid friendly project. We started off with buying some good Melt and Pour base from a soap making store. We also bought some scent and color there. Then off to the craft store to buy some cute rubber duckies.

Here is Macy cutting up the MP soap into meltable sized pieces.

After they were all cut up, we melted the soap in a double boiler until it was liquid. Next came adding in the scent and color. And finally we poured the soap into the mold and added our cute little duckies.
We popped them into the fridge to get hard and now we are waiting.....

So, who's up for a Bath?!?

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